Your direct investment in a photovoltaic system

Invest in solar systems now

Invest sustainably, profitably and directly in photovoltaic systems - without your own roof. Get up to 6% yield now! If you are interested in photovoltaic investment objects from Sonnenexpert, please contact us! Our experts will advise you individually.

A safe and profitable form of investment for modern investors. The sun is one of the most reliable and oldest sources of energy on earth.

The simple facts serve as the basis and starting point for our new, efficient and innovative product. Invest directly in photovoltaic systems in a sustainable, profitable way, even without your own roof.

Your advantages when investing in our solar systems

ownership through investment

Each investor is the owner of his own photovoltaic system without the involvement of third parties: own contract, own inverter and own modules on the leased roof.

land registry​

The land register entry: For each buyer and/or the financing bank, an easement of the leased property is entered in the land register, Section II of the property. As a result, your rights as an investor are legally protected.

Organizational help​

The roof: If this meets certain investment criteria, Sonnenexpert GmbH acquires the rights to build a PV system, as well as the roof usage or lease agreements.


You get tested performance and safe technology through the selection of high-quality modules, inverters and frame systems.

Compensation & Profitability

State fixed remuneration rates through the Renewable Energy Sources Act for 20 years. Discuss possible tax savings with your tax advisor. Photovoltaic investment properties achieve a high level of profitability through roof lease agreements with terms of 20 to 30 years (including an extension option).​


Convincing safety through a fully installed and assembled PV system, in compliance with all legal requirements and regulations

Financing your investment

You can buy or finance one of our investment properties. If you need financing, we will be happy to help you put you in touch with a suitable bank. Our experienced employees will work with you to find a solution for the desired investment.

Current investment objects

Here you can see a selection of investment properties in the areas of photovoltaics, combined heat and power plants, wind energy and energy storage that are currently being implemented.

We need more space

Roof and open spaces wanted!

Secure additional income by leasing your roof and open space for photovoltaic systems without any further effort or your own investment.